help - I need leaves!!!

Mike Soukup mikayak3 at
Tue Apr 9 13:02:37 EDT 2002

I have an EXTREMELY early batch of Actias larvae in first instar.  I had
brought in a Sweetgum tree a month ago - and it leafed out nicely.
Unfortunately, I had more ova than I though and these buggers have
almost defoliated "my one tree".  I have given some larvae away and have
also brought in another tree and taken alot of cuttings and have them
indoors also - but, they will not be leafed out soon enough.  If there
is anybody from down South who could ship me a BIG box of sweetgum
overnite, I would gladly pay for the shipping and handling  (I'll even
send you leaves back in another month!!) .  If not, I am going to have
to drive to NC within the next few days.

    And, in case nobody can help with the shipment, can anybody at least
tell me how far south I will need to drive before the Sweetgums have

    You can reply off-list.

    Thanks in advance!!!!
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