Subject: RE: lepidopterists have anything to learn from ... birders ?

Martin Bailey cmbb at
Tue Apr 9 16:24:59 EDT 2002

 Ron Gatrelle:
> OK, I'll say it.  The most adamant and game hog collectors are with
> museums.  Hey, they are the ones still shooting the birds.  They love
it --
> that is why they are there.  They are not some noble cut above the "lay"
> collector. Myth.  Go to a museum and get to know the people - they are up
> to their necks in dead stuff.

If your local museum does not have a specimen of that rare or unusual bird
or bug that you sighted, they will make it a point of going out and
"collecting" it.  I never give detailed directions over these computer lists
on how to get to anything.  There is poaching with a gun for trophies and
there is poaching for trophies backed by vague scientific reasonings.

Martin Bailey


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