please help us...HERE I COME!

Bob Parcelles,Jr. rjparcelles at
Wed Apr 10 02:46:27 EDT 2002


Before all of you go rushing off to do this deed. Let me! i need the
funds for Miami Blue and my old age. Neil, this is not a hoax is it?
Betty really set me back confidence wise.
Please let this be true. A wind fall for sure. I can really buy some
collections with all of this cash. 6 million plus 3 million expenses
(I see a lot of cost already) can buy a lot of ballon vine seeds

Heck I might just buy NABA!

Bob Parcelles, Jr. (Soon to buy a) PhD

PS: Paul I might as well buy you a PhD you can quit picking
on the real ones.

Hell Ruthy I will marry you for 3 million and expenses.
--- "Mrs. Ruth Obed. " <ruthobed8 at> wrote:
> Mrs. Ruth Obed
> c/o Anthony Egobia
> Anthony Egobia & co
> Legal practitioners
> 2 falohun steet, Aguda
> S/L Lagos, Nigeria.
> Fax: 234-1-7594260
> I am Mrs. Ruth Obed, widow of the late Lt. Col. M. Obed, the former
> military Administrator of Kaduna state of Nigeria. my late husband
> was one of the victims of the 7th November 1996 ADC Aircraft Boing
> 727 that crashed in Lagos.
> I have just been informed by our family attorney, Barrister Anthony
> Egobia that my late husband operated a secret account with the
> Union Bank Plc into which a total sum of Thirty million United
> state Dollars ($30,000,000.00) was lodged in. This above mentioned
> amount was paid in and credited in the name of his American
> business friend Engr. John Creek who unfortunately died in the same
> mishap. The attorney now advised me to seek in confidence a foreign
> partner whom this fund would be transferred into his/her bank
> account for disbursement as directed by my late husband's WILL.
> It has been resolved that 20% will be your share for nominating an
> account for this purpose and any other assistance you will give in
> this regard. 10% has been slated out for the reimbursement of local
> and international expenses which may be incurred in the transfer
> process. finally, 70% will come to my children and my self and good
> part of this shall be directed towards executing my late husband's
> WILL, which is to buy shares and stocks in foreign country to
> secure his children's future.
> To facilitate the conclusion of this project if accepted by you, do
> send to me promptly via email your response or you direct it to my
> family attorney through his direct fax line: 234-1-7594260. You
> should please furnish us with the following details:
> 1. The bank Account number to be used for the remittance.
> 2. Name and address of the bank.
> 3. Your telephone, fax and mobile numbers for easy communication
> Please note that I have been assured that the transaction will be
> concluded within (2) weeks upon receiving from you the above listed
> information. May I at this point emphasis the high level of
> confidentiality which this business demands and hope you will not
> betray the trust and confidence which I repose on you. Since the
> death of my husband, life has been very difficult for my children
> and I, so this is to say that this fund is the hope of my children
> and I.
> God would bless you as you assist the poor widow and the fatherless
> children.
> Best wishes,
> Mrs. Ruth Obed. 
> ADDRESS ; aegobia at

Bob Parcelles, Jr
Pinellas Park, FL
RJP Associates, C2M-BWPTi
rjparcelles at
"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
- Norman Vincent Peale

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