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Bob Parcelles, Jr. (Soon to buy a) PhD wrote:

> PS: Paul I might as well buy you a PhD you can quit 
> picking on the real ones.

Bob, I have a feeling there are a few Ph.D's you don't mind me 
picking on. Below I found a New York Times article that 
provides more evidence of Dr. Jeffrey Glassberg's anti-collecting 
position.  This case involved monarch butterflies that were
collected near near Montauk, New York in Sept. 2000 and driven 
about 100 miles to New York City for a tagging demonstration 
and release by Prof. Orley (Chip) Taylor and some children in 

The article goes on to describe Jeffrey Glassberg's objections
to Dr. Taylor's demonstration:

"Using monarchs for such an agenda is not universally 
popular in the butterfly world. The president of the 
North American Butterfly Association, Jeffrey
Glassberg, denounced yesterday's event, calling it a
 ''circus sideshow.'' Mr. Glassberg, a molecular biologist 
by training, said that truly respecting monarchs meant 
treating them like wild creatures and observing them in
their natural environment, not trucking them in for 
a demonstration."

''Butterflies are wild animals,'' he said. ''To treat them 
as little toys that you take around and say, 'Isn't that
cute?' sends completely the wrong message to people.''

The full article can be viewed here:

Paul Cherubini


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