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Todd Redhead todd.redhead at
Wed Apr 10 19:42:37 EDT 2002

"Grkovich, Alex" wrote: re: C. tullia inornata (Common Ringlet)

         What seems interesting is that, while the species has recently
spread into southern New England, it has apparently not done so in the Upper
Midwest; for example, while occurring abundantly in the Canadian Zone of
northern Michigan and Ontario, I have never found it or heard of it from
southwestern Ontario, southern Michigan etc.

I got a couple in that I collected a mile or two west of London, Ontario.  London,
I believe is usually considered the cutoff for southwestern Ontario.  Now maybe
these were strays from a little further north but there were a lot more than just
two in the area.  I only grabbed these ones when I could not spot the polyxenes
that I was looking for.  Maybe this year I will keep an eye out when on my trips
further south towards Windsor, Ontario.



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