P.s hybrid9 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 11 10:23:49 EDT 2002

Dear all,

A strange request...In june I will be doing a performance, and it
involves the use of ca. 500 butterflies. In short, I will be sitting
still, naked and covered in a sugarsolution, attracting hopefully
newly emerged butterflies brought for the purpose, to come and land on
me since I am covered in sugarsolution. This will happen either inside
or outside, not decided yet, however, it will only last about half an
hour or so.
Now, I dont know how to go about it, in order not to inflict damage
either do the butterflies or the local habitat. I believe local
specimens is imperative, without knowing for sure (Estonia).
How can I do this in the best way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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