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Paul Cherubini monarch at
Thu Apr 11 21:53:50 EDT 2002

> > Using pseudoscience as a cover motivation for profiting is in itself
> > something that should be punishable by instant vaporization ;-)

Stan Gorodenski responded:

> I would be inclined to drop the ;-) and end the sentence with an
> exclamation point (or a period at the minimum).
> Stan

And I agree too, Stan. Hey we're all in agreement!  I think Alex would
agree as well based on his recent post below to carolina-leps:

Subject: RE: Newspaper article on Monarchs 
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 11:54:42 -0500 
From: Grkovich, Alex" <agrkovich at>
To: carolinaleps at

Thanks, Paul, for "telling it how it is". And it never fails to occur to me
that the stories about the recovery of the Monarchs also never seem to make
it into the "articles". But all the appeals for money always follow.

Which is why I tend to not believe the "articles".


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