Speaking of neotropical haristreaks

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> Dear Ron,
> It is no mistake and it is not a secret that he collected as a
> younger (than he is now) adult. You, above many people, should understand
> that sometimes an insight comes to you which makes you see the light (so
> speak) and changes your whole life. And remember, like our friend Neal,
> Jeff has never said or written that he against collecting.
> ---Best regards, Fred
Thanks, Fred.   I am aware of his "conversion" and that Jeff is for limited
collecting for science  - and that a recent NABA publication even has a
picture of Opler in it with a net in hand.  Not knowing much about Jeff, I
was indeed under the impression that he had not collected at all after high
school type of thing.  About how old was he when he gave up recreational
collecting - if you know?   It might do well for all of us who do not have
all the facts to get a time line idea of this part of his life.  I don't
even know how old he is now - 40 something I assume.



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