Speaking of neotropical haristreaks

Paul Cherubini monarch at saber.net
Fri Apr 12 19:35:24 EDT 2002

Heath, Fred wrote:

> And remember, like our friend Neal,
> Jeff has never said or written that he against collecting.

Yes, but there's more to the story:

Neil Jones wrote on 15 Mar 1996 08:50:10 

"I will reiterate my firm view that I do not wish to see collecting banned.
Furthermore the accepted scientific opinion is that predation
affects populations. There is therefore a scientific basis for restricting
collecting of endangered species. It does not matter if the predation is 
by Homo sapiens or any other creature. Predation can affect populations."

Thomas Kral responded on Wed, 20 Mar 1996:


"Most amusing is his claim that he does not wish to see collecting
banned. Lets examine the accuracy of Neil Jones' claims. I'll start by
quoting Dr. Robert M. Pyle in the December 1995 issue of
No. 4, page 406.

"The British group Butterfly Conservation, however, has adopted an
anti-collecting stance that has alienated and tarred many entomologists.
I hope this sort of needless polarization can be avoided among North
American collectors and watchers."

Though Dr. Pyle may have disclosed this fact to us only recently, myself,
and so many others logged onto LEPS-L have known this for quite some
time. Not all members of this organization are anti-collecting, but
certainly its leaders, like Neil Jones, have directly implied and even
stated this fact - and please don't try and argue with a statement made
by Pyle - Mr. Jones you HATE buttefly collectors."


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