Stan Gorodenski stanlep at extremezone.com
Fri Apr 12 20:48:00 EDT 2002

I want to publicly thank Mark for the very helpful information he has
given. I hope I can do some collecting to take advantage of it.

Mark Walker wrote:
> Stan,
> Believe it or not, you can find lots of great leps within minutes of your
> hotel.  Late April could very well be one of the best times to go, also.
> I always enjoy driving out towards Kissimmee (and past Kissimmee towards St.
> Cloud) - look for lantana, especially in old abandoned orange groves.  In
> late April 1998 I found lantana loaded with Great Purple Hairstreaks.
> You'll find all your swallowtails in this habitat, also.  Look for skippers
> along roadsides with plenty of surrounding reeds, grasses, and palmetto
> (highways heading east are best).  The little white flowers (bidens) are
> good attractants, as are any thistle that might be in bloom.  North of
> Orlando is good, too.  I found a nice series of White-M Hairstreaks on
> lantana that was growing in a ditch along highway 40 just east of Ocala.  I
> did all my collecting during lunch breaks (one to two hours), so you
> shouldn't have any problem finding bugs even with your limited schedule.  In
> fact, you might find that a couple of hours are about all you can handle!
> Ocala National Forest can be good, though you'll do best where there is
> plenty of nectar.
> I know many other places that are good, but are more like an hour away.  Let
> me know if you want more suggestions.
> Good luck and happy hunting,
> Mark Walker.
> -------------------
> Stan wrote:
> I will be attending a work related conference in Orlando (will be staying
> near Disney Land-The All Star Music Resort) from the 14th to the 17th. I
> won't have much time to do any collecting, if at all. About all I have is
> possibly the morning of the 14th, and the late afternoon and evening of the
> 17th. Can anyone recommend any collecting spots near Orlando for both
> butterflies and moths (although I am not a serious Heterocera'er(moth'er))?
> Should I just forget about any kind of collecting given the short time I
> have? It seems the latter is probably the best course of action. Any advice
> would be appreciated. Stan


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