Please help?

SSWAN200 sswan200 at
Fri Apr 12 21:39:18 EDT 2002

I have been surfing around the web trying to ID a caterpillar.  It appeared in
my dining room (!) an hour ago.  (But the dining room doors are often open to
the garden.)  It is smooth bodied, about two inches long.  The underside is
beige/taupe while the upper side has bands (running across the body) that
remind me of tortoise shell, but close to black.  I put it in a cylindrical
vase with things from my garden and a splash of water.  The things are wild
geranium, fennel, wild strawberry, nasturtium, wild flowers, etc.  When I
picked it up to place it in the vase, it curled into a ball, then quickly
acclimated to the new surroundings. I live in Northern California and I'm
pretty sure that I couldn't find my way back to this site.  Pls email???  Just
checked, he's eating a wildflower -- one that I have lots of.  Thank you so
much for any info.   


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