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Wrong again Junior,
                  Estonia is nowhere near Canada but they still appear to
be more open minded than some.
                                             what do you stink.
                                                     René Boutin from

"Bob Parcelles,Jr." wrote:

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> --- "P.s" <hybrid9 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Dear all,
> >
> > A strange request...In june I will be doing a performance, and it
> > involves the use of ca. 500 butterflies. In short, I will be
> > sitting
> > still, naked and covered in a sugarsolution, attracting hopefully
> > newly emerged butterflies brought for the purpose, to come and land
> > on
> > me since I am covered in sugarsolution. This will happen either
> > inside
> > or outside, not decided yet, however, it will only last about half
> > an
> > hour or so.
> > Now, I dont know how to go about it, in order not to inflict damage
> > either do the butterflies or the local habitat. I believe local
> > specimens is imperative, without knowing for sure (Estonia).
> > How can I do this in the best way?
> >
> > Any help would be greatly appreciated,
> ======================
> Hmmmmmmm! Quite a performance! May I ask is this a public or a
> semi-private, more *discreet* performance. The reason I ask there are
> several variables.
> 1) How much of you do you wish to cover? I for instance would need
> LARGE butterflies.
> 2) How LARGE are you? Are you male or female? Oh, I see from your e
> mail address, you are a "hybrid".
> 3) Do you have a permit for this?
> 4) Do you intend to wear this "buttefly shirt" for a while, since
> some species are more active than others? Are you going to be moving
> around? Why can you only last a half hour or so?
> 5) Is this exibition, excuse me ...performance, inside or outside? I
> ask this because outside can be risky. Does Estonia have large,
> painful ants?
> 6) I know of breeders who can doe this but it takes time and money.
> Do you have much time? do you have any money? You know butterfies are
> not for free. I ask this because I have a fear that you may not be
> gainfully employed. I fear, quite frankly, that you may not have much
> time before the men in white suits with the nets might "collect" you
> and return you to your mental hospital.
> I have I last question...Are you Rene Boutin? :)
> rjp
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