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It's interesting how little is known about Jeffrey Glassberg by some who
publicly criticize him the most... (One hopes that the "Museum of the
Hemispheres" (MOTH) is more carefully constructed that most posts to
Leps-l.) Jeff collected butterflies for about 30 years. He continues to
consult museum specimens as anyone must who writes field guides no matter
what the taxa.

Incidentally, anyone wanting to construct a Glassbergian timeline can add
spring of 2002 as the point when he raised nearly $500,000 for the NABA
Butterfly Park. This milestone should shortly trigger the donation of 100
acres for the park near Mission, TX in the Rio Grande Valley.

NABA Butterfly Park

NABA-South Texas

Mike Quinn
New Braunfels, TX
ento at satx.rr.com

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Not knowing much about Jeff, I
was indeed under the impression that he had not collected at all after high
school type of thing.  About how old was he when he gave up recreational
collecting - if you know?   It might do well for all of us who do not have
all the facts to get a time line idea of this part of his life.  I don't
even know how old he is now - 40 something I assume.



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