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> I'm new to the list and to lepidoptera ... I was birding this weekend and
> came across a butterfly or moth that I cannot find a pic of to be able to
> id it at either or the North Prarie site.
> It was less than an inch long ... had a "hairy" black body, had black wings
> with 1 yellow spot on each "back wing"  and 1 orange spot on each "front
> wing" (ok, it's very evident how new I am at this!)  This was lakeside in
> north central West Virginia, at about 4:00 pm on a very sunny, warm day.
> This little guy lit on my hands and walked around for several minutes
> before I had to coax him off onto a plant.
> And help, suggestions or references to good url's, books etc would be
> appreciated.  Since I'm going to be out birding I want to learn what all
> the butterflies and such I see are.
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