Proserpinus flavofasciata

Robert Kriegel kriegelr at
Tue Apr 16 09:16:54 EDT 2002

I encourage anyone interested in trying to capture Proserpinus
flavofasciata adults to search lilac flowers.  Across Michigan's Upper
Peninsula lilacs are common at abandoned farmsteads.  All of the Michigan
records for this species (4 specimens, 30 yrs and many counties apart) were
taken nectaring at lilac in the company of other spring day-flying
Sphingidae.  Boloria frigga saga is on the wing at the same time.  The
degree day total of our two most recent observations in 1999 was 297 DD,
base 50F.  

Current degree day totals for 80+ Michigan locations is available online at
the following URL:

P.S.  If you intend to spend much time hanging around century old lilacs an
extendable net is an indispensible tool.  An inexpensive version can be
made using an extendable paint roller handle available at your local
hardware store.

Hope this helps,
Bob Kriegel
Michigan Lepidoptera Survey


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