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> Hello again Paul
> I am certainly not arguaing that the scientists in the article were
> what cultural practices were spreading milkweed. However, you certainly
> add Roundup to their statement about "herbicides are widely used".  You
> it sound as if they believe Roundup does no harm to milkweed, though I do
> not believe that this was what they were saying (point 5 on your list). I
> base this on the fact that they suggest using Roundup (and atrazine) to
> control milkweed, both in fields and fallow areas. However, all 5 points
> that you have laid out are correct as written from that article.
> As to your deliberately spraying Roundup on your milkweed patches, good
> you! I suppose that you make sure that there are no monarch caterpillars
> the plants first, right? I do not believe that herbicides are the answer
> there Paul, try pulling the weeds by hand. I am sure that the destruction
> all above ground portions of the plant in the spring is not exactly healty
> for it.
> As to your divergence to others statements and thoughts on Monarch
> populations, why do you not care if so many Monarchs died in the first
> place? Would no the population have been that much BETTER had they lived?
> Always good for a debate!
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