Roundup is NOT atrazine

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Thu Apr 18 21:44:41 EDT 2002

Roundup is a glyphosphate-based pesticide with various fomulations
produced mainly (or only) by Monsanto.   Atrazine is in a different
chemical "family". In the 1980's it was one of the most widely used
herbicides, although it's use was greatly reduced by new regulatoins in
the early 1990's.   

Mike Gochfeld

Hank Brodkin wrote:
> Joel -
> The chemical referred to is atrazine.  Is this sold under the brand name
> "Roundup"?
> A lot of  Roundup is used out our way to control desert broom (bacharis
> sarathroides), an native shrub that colonizes disturbed soils.  Since we
> live next to a wash we have a lot of it.  It is an excellent nectar plant
> for butterflies, native bees and other insects, so we like it - and we don't
> use poison on our property - but almost everybody else does.
> We also have had frogs in our small pond for about a year but have yet to
> see egg masses.  I know the previous property owner used Roundup - he left
> some in the garage, but this was pre- 1998.
> Hopefully atrazine is not Roundup!
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