IDs wanted on Rainforest butterflies

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It would be helpful if you could say where you were and I could give you
sub-species...photgraphs are not too clear so here goes!
1. Looks like Colias nastes from the Arctic! although unlikely as you say
you were in the ranforest! So I guess you were in grassland in South America
and it is C. lesbia

These that follow are likely to be correct!

2. Marpesia alcibiades (Male)
8. Chlosyne gaudealis?
9. Zerene cesonia
12. Eurytides serville (Male)
14. Eurytides protesilaus (Male)
17. Panacea procilla (male)
18. Siproeta epaphus
20. Eurytides protesilaus (Male)
21.Doxocopa clothilda
22.Heliconius hecalesia

The rest are not good enough for a good id but I could guess!

P.S. You were either in a butterfly house or Central and South America for
some of these!

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> Can anyone help me ID these s. American Lepidoptera.
> Mostly butterflies but with a couple of moths.
> They are at
> The quality of the scan's is not marvelous partly due to problems with the
> automated system I am using.
> I hope eventually to do them better and have them on proper webpages. But
> like to know what everything is first.
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