IDs wanted on Rainforest butterflies

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Fri Apr 19 15:26:29 EDT 2002

On Friday 19 April 2002 07:20 pm, you wrote:
> Neil,
> It would be helpful if you could say where you were and I could give you
> sub-species...photgraphs are not too clear so here goes!
> 1. Looks like Colias nastes from the Arctic! although unlikely as you say
> you were in the ranforest! So I guess you were in grassland in South
> America and it is C. lesbia

Thanks Nigel,

Yes it does look a bit like nastes,  That one actually isn't from the 
rainforest but was taken in the Mountains on the way from Quino into the 
forest itself. 

> These that follow are likely to be correct!
> 2. Marpesia alcibiades (Male)
> 8. Chlosyne gaudealis?
> 9. Zerene cesonia
> 12. Eurytides serville (Male)
> 14. Eurytides protesilaus (Male)
> 17. Panacea procilla (male)
> 18. Siproeta epaphus
> 20. Eurytides protesilaus (Male)
> 21.Doxocopa clothilda
> 22.Heliconius hecalesia
> The rest are not good enough for a good id but I could guess!
> Nigel

Well It was partly an excercise In how fast I could put them together. Some 
of the slides are too dark.  It is the way things go. 

I have moved in the direction of elecronic images since doing these slides.

> P.S. You were either in a butterfly house or Central and South America for
> some of these!

They were all taken in Ecuador.

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