Do Monarchs need Paul Cherubini?

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I did not write the words you are quoting. You should address Bob Parcelles.
While I largely agree with Bob, I am not responsible for his words. You may
want to look at my emails and respond to them directly. I would be happy to

Incidentally, the amount of government money spent on ecological/evolutionary
research is so small that you would be embarrassed to realize how little our
governments spend. No ecologist goes into it for the grant money. There is lots
more in medicine or even taking care of domestic cats.

Patrick Foley

Chuck Vaughn wrote:

> Pat,
> I'm not writing this to defend Paul or attack you or anyone else
> but I have a few observations and comments.
> I don't know you or Paul other than what you write here so if I
> draw any wrong conclusions I apologize in advance.
> >> Many of you treat Paul as an eccentric. That seems very reasionable.
> I don't find Paul to be eccentric but to have a very different world
> view than you do. It's a view shared by a lot of people. Not everyone
> thinks the world is going to hell in a hand basket and that the
> environment is in danger of imminent collapse.
> >> but I am sensing something much more sinister.
> When I hear people talk this way I ususally find they are on the extreme
> right or extreme left and are generally in the same place...the land of
> conspiracy imaginary place that I don't believe in.<g>
> >> Just look at the
> >> anti-science being promoted by the establishment as well as even some
> >> knee-jerk pablum puking granola-bar junkies.
> To which establishment are you referring?
> >> Paul is contributing to
> >> that type of hysteria much more than even Jeff Glassberg is.
> I was taken aback by this. It's my experience that the environmental
> left is associated with most of the hysteria. BTW, you know there is
> an environmental right? Its the group concerned with the environment
> and address real problems we have right now but doesn't subscribe to
> the environmental sky is falling syndrome.
> >> Paul you need to chill it down. We have millions of people dying
> What are you implying? People die everyday. So what?
> >> Paul Ehrlich work was exagerated
> He proved one thing. Anyone who tries to predict the future is almost
> always wrong. ;-)
> >> but millions of babies do starve Africa.
> This is mostly due to the miserable lousy excuses they have for
> governments in nearly all those countries. More democracy, personal freedom
> and free enterprise would go a long way towards solving their problems.
> >> We export DDT all over the world. we have millions with cancer? why?
> I have to read between the line here. Are you saying trace chemicals
> in the environment are causing cancer? There's a lot of hysteria over
> this but no one has ever been able to prove it. People are living
> longer. This is a good thing, right? The downside is that more will
> die of cancer because it's a disease that affects more older people.
> >> Someone is goiung to pay the piper sooner or later.
> More reading between the lines.... Sounds like you subscribe to
> the environment is about to collapse theory.
> >> Read
> >> your American history. We are different. People are racing to de
> >> intensify us.
> What do mean by this?
> >> Anti-science and skepticism are achieving their goal.
> Who's anit-science? And isn't skepticism part of science?
> >> Sooner or later people will have enough of liars and the people who
> >> have created and encouraged them. Dr. Lincoln Brower is neither.
> >> I have worked for a consultant for govt and privsate industry for
> >> many years. I se h9ow people (and governmnet have tried to influence
> >> results). Until recently, academia was safe from these pressures. Now
> >> it is affecting the funding of all research.
> It's hard for me to believe that academia was ever free from the human
> drives for power and influence. There are a lot of stories that would
> indicate otherwise.
> A lot of problems I think you're referring to would disappear if
> government wasn't in the business of taking our tax maney and then
> handing it out to researchers and businesses. Essentially they're granting
> favors and this motivates people into all sorts of questionable behaviors.
> Chuck Vaughn <aa6g at>
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