Do Monarchs need Paul Cherubini?

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Sat Apr 20 22:10:13 EDT 2002

Neil,I know your point of you,
                   you have shown me first before anybody ,five years ago what
flaming ment and I still feel atrociously bad about your agenda.
P.s:So if you are going to write to me,make it short.

Neil Jones wrote:

> On Saturday 20 April 2002 08:40 pm, you wrote:
> > First I think Paul is against Lincoln,since Lincoln pin pointed to the
> > press the exact location of the monarchs roosting sites in 76 or 77 after
> > publication of the National Geographic issue of august 76,where Urquart
> > made a point of not giving to many clues.
> >               Paul used to tag for Urquart.
> Rene, I am trying to put this to you as kindly as possible,I know you won't
> understand half of this. It isn't your fault that English isn't the native
> tongue where you live. (It isn't here where I am sitting either.) But I feel
> frustrated that even when I write in _your_ own language you don't follow.
> So, sadly I dont see that  there is any point in my attempting to write this
> bilingually yet again. It is a waste of my time.  Last week you completely
> misunderstood one of my posts and started flaming for no reason.
> > Secondly,Paul Cherubini was jerked off of Monarch Watch in the middle of
> > conversations,that is enough to prompt anyone to use a pseudonym.
> I really don't think you are very clever at this. Your friend and ally has
> just tried to persuade people by evasion that he doesn't use pseudonyms.
> Then you go and tacitly admit that you know he does. Of course he has been
> caught using pseudonyms on Dplex-L. _Everybody_ knows this.
> >               Third,I would surely use his competence and gladly pay for it
> > to defend our rights as breeders against what I see as the scientifique and
> > mediatique bourgeoisie.
> This is over the top. The _whole_ point that you have missed is that Paul
> Cherubini _isn't_ competant.  Whilst you are cheering him for supporting your
> business interests you have missed the real truth. He has been caught
> out posting distorted information so many times that he is treated by most
> disinterested bystanders as a "Spin doctor".
> He was thrown off Dplex-Lfor atrocious behaviour when he attacked a very
> young scientist in an appalling way.
> You also have had a backlash where all the _breeders_ are now tarred with the
>  same brush. Hundreds of people have received those little yellow cards.
> It may not have correctly identified the pseudonyms being used but still
> _all_ your reputations have been sullied.
> I don't like what he says but _I_would_hate_to_have_such_a_person_arguing_
> for_me.
> >                But being a breeder and not such a good businessman,I can
> > barely clothe my...
> Honesty at last!
> >                                                  René Boutin alias Monsieur
> > Papillon
> >
> > Ps:This is my uneducated point of view,correct me where I'm wrong?
> That is the point Patrick Foley is a very well known and respected scientist
> in his field. I, someone, living thousands of miles away, knew of his work
> _before_ I encountered him on the net. He is a very good scientist.
> Scientists by their very nature are people who search after the truth.
> They hate scammers and deceivers.
>  It has been shown time and time again that what ever  direct pecuniary
> advantage  Mr. Cherubini is obtaining that he is acting as a spinning
> lobbyist for a cause.  He is notorious for doing this.
> I was speaking to one British member of this list yesterday who was laughing
> at the ridiculousness of his claims.
> --
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> butterflies?" Andrew Lees - The quotation on his memorial at Crymlyn Bog
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