Do Monarchs need Paul Cherubini?

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<< I want to make it clear that while I disagree with many things Paul says, 
 certainly knows a lot about Monarchs. But I cannot trust anything he says 
until he
 answers these questions. Can you?
 Patrick Foley
 patfoley at >>

Patrick, Perhaps trusting Paul is important for you, but frankly there is no 
requirement to trust anyone under a peer review system pegged to analyzing 
the science, which includes taking the authors statements in their context.  
The subjectively defined word 'trust' is absolutely comforting, but 
thankfully it is not all there is to it.  Let me speak for myself at least in 
this wonderfully free society and say my soul is with you (and not Cherubini, 
who never should be painted as a devil, as he never has spoken with forked 
tongue as others have), but my mind is clearly convinced that Paul is a great 
counterpoint too commonly missing.  Lest we all end up wallowing in our gut 
feelings...Keep up the good work both of you, and please don't get personal 
about it.  Last time I heard people are people and they are not any less 
devious,simply because they are labeled business or academic.  The real shame 
are the academicians who, like the authorities of the law, have been caught 
fudging or otherwise hypocritically using data under a banner of 
righteousness and influencing public policy and overly stepping on individual 
rights.  They are the bad cops, not the business people.  We know where the 
latter business group's interest's are.  And if Paul really is a paid secret 
agent of the big organized spectre of industry as your questions (which do 
border on personal attacks), boy we can all celebrate.  It just takes a few 
cyberlepsters to neutralize Paul on the list.  What if he hung out around 
Washington lobbying where it really hurt.  A change in attitude would be the 
clincher before Paul gets tired of us and realizes he could really get even 
or make progress getting something done by refocussing his efforts instead of 
educating people like me on this list, who appreciate his incessant knack to 
dig up 'unpopular' data, allowing an interpretation as one wishes and making 
the most diehard defender of wildlife more educated when the dust settles.
Best.  Doug Dawn
Monterrey, Mexico


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