ID help: A light brown Nemoria?

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Sun Apr 21 12:58:52 EDT 2002

I guess the simplest answer is Yes.

The book that should be consulted is Ferguson, D.G. 1985. The Moths of 
North America Fascicle 18.1 Geometroidea Geometridae (Part).

page 9 "The green coloring of Geometridae is turned brown by an acid and 
cannot be restored..."
page 19 " (Nemoria) commonly bright green, varying from yellowish green to 
bluish green, occasionally brown..

At 12:32 PM 4/21/02 -0400, you wrote:
>I don't know about Nemoria rubrifrontaria, but Covell does refer to 
>brownish green melanic specimens of N. lixaria with dark brown lines and 
>fringe, although he does not illustrate this form.  Similarly Handfield, 
>in his guide to Quebec lepidoptera, refers to a brown form of N. 
>bistriaria that he cites as occurring only in the spring generation to the 
>extent of about 10% of specimens, but does not illustrate it as this form 
>has not been collected from Quebec.  Do Nemoria species in general tend to 
>have a small number of occurrences of brown variants?
>Lynn Scott
>Subject: ID help: A light brown Nemoria?
>From: ghg3 at (GHG3)
>I have a few light tan moths that look identicle to Nemoria rubrifrontaria,
>except that they are not green.  Same size, same markings, same shape.  Is it
>N. rubrifrontaria?  Is it in Covell or Holland?
>Thanks for any help!
>George Gifford
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