Florida Mosquitoes

Richard Worth rworth at oda.state.or.us
Mon Apr 22 11:37:00 EDT 2002

Hi Stan,
As I understand it, Mosquito abatement is handled at the county level 
in Florida and in populated/touristy areas, like Orlando, they 
probably spray with great vigor.  They do this in the Keys, too, as 
I,ve dealt with the folks at Monroe Co. MAD before :^(   However, if 
you venture into the Key Deer breeding grounds on Big Pine (in dense 
hammock on NWR land) you may walk out as little more than a skeleton. 
I used to collect regularly in Gainesville in the dark woods and 
would get eaten alive without repellent.  I still have nightmares of 
the incessant whining in my ears...kidding;-)
Best,  Rich

>I spent Saturday through the morning of Thursday in Florida, around the
>Orlando area. The conference I attended was held in Disney World, but I
>managed to get out on highway 474 for a couple hours in the forest, and
>in some of the surrounding area outside of Disney World to do a little
>collecting. I did not see a single mosquito during my entire stay
>anywhere. The first day I got back to Phoenix, the door in my house was
>open for a few minutes and one flew in. Yesterday I had the doors open
>all day and there must have been at least 15 that found their way in.
>What happened to the mosquitoes in Florida? Do they spray so extensively
>to get rid of them? If so, the Floridians must use of a tremendous
>amount of pesticides.

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