Florida Mosquitoes

Stan Gorodenski stanlep at extremezone.com
Mon Apr 22 20:45:39 EDT 2002

Walking out '...as little more than a skeleton". Ahhh - the good old
days (-:
This is what I had expected of Florida. It's more in line with my
childhood memories at about age 4 - a lot of bugs!

I wonder if the spraying may help explain the lower abundance of
butterflies relative to what I had expected.


> I,ve dealt with the folks at Monroe Co. MAD before :^(   However, if
> you venture into the Key Deer breeding grounds on Big Pine (in dense
> hammock on NWR land) you may walk out as little more than a skeleton.
> I used to collect regularly in Gainesville in the dark woods and
> would get eaten alive without repellent.  I still have nightmares of
> the incessant whining in my ears...kidding;-)
> Best,  Rich


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