Confusion with Common Names.

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I would apologize for this post, but being the fine upstanding individual 
that I should be, I will post this anyways. If you find my posts offensive, 
then delete now. 

I will admit as I get older, my brain seems to get slower and from time to 
time, I miss some things. (There are those on this lists that have the same 
conditions, but I believe the brain malfunctions or stops working properly 
altogether, or it may have never worked properly to begin with.) I have 
always been told that the reason certain organizations wanted COMMON NAMES 
was primarily due to the ever changing scientific names, more or less (Ron is 
a tremendous help in this matter, from either point of view!). I have counted 
37 posts in the last two weeks dealing with the confusion of ever changing 

Next we will have the Convention of the Code of Common Names! This will 
eliminate the confusion in assigning common names. I can see it now:

Cercyonis pegala abbotti F.M. Brown (1969), the common name equivalent would 
The Yellow Spotted Feces Sucking Wood Nymph J. Glassberg (2002). You know 
what I mean!!!

Wait a minute, speaking of sucking, maybe it should be called the Monica Wood 
Nymph W.J. Clinton (1999).

I feel better now?


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