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--- Mark Walker <MWalker at> wrote:
> I'm going to peep in on this thread, though I've provided little
> assistance
> to date on the project.
> Bob Parcelles wrote a few things here that I felt needed
> clarification:


It has never been the purpose of the Miami Blue Butterfly Restoration
Project to  "get" the critter listed". Your very good points have
been covered by us many times. I just want to clarify that my post
was in reaction to one that Jeffrey Glassberg's protege sent to Anne
and widely distrubuted it, claiming his project to be the valid one
and that and other publicity expressed intense displeasure that the
butterfly was not immediately listed. All his efforts are in the
direction of speeding up and intensifying the action of listing. His
impatience and and dislike of the Federal Action so far has been made
very evident. 

All of our plans to restore this host-plant "starved" subspecies are
predicated on it NOT BEING listed and that act will serve to keep us
from acomplishing our initial goals. The top butterfly guy, Glassberg
does not see this rather somple logic. I hope I have addressed your
questions without being too overly redundant. We have 3 little
colonies on Bahia Honda State Park (as of yesterday) with droves of
people trying to photgraph them and possibly hug and kiss them to
death. If people would put there money where there mouth is we would
get out 20,000 brochures and for that matter I have some very big
friends that like to camp and would manage "docents" who seem to be
coming out of the woodwork. So Mark, your comments are well placed
but I have to be a politician and say things that beat around the

Our goals are to plant host plants and get the population to a stable
enough point so it can have rearing activites to reintroduce into
suitable habitat. Anne has posted about 35 articles here and
elswwhere talking about all of the grass roots hoopla. Well it is
real simple we will do it with or withpout you, Glassberg or anybody
that apparently no longer wants to send seeds. We have merged with no
one and do not intend to. 
I posted to this effect last night to Ed Reinertsen  who had
misgivings about working for Glassberg. I thought I answered that
pretty succinctly. apparently not since I have had no reply from him
with about 10 people a day asking me where to get the seeds he
promised. So now I have to fly in to the keys and answer these people
and then post to these arm chair warriors on this list. 

So Mark I like that you have "peeped" in to this thread. that is
nioce and we like to hear from you right or wrong. But I suggest
instead of peeping you come in eyes wide open with your shirt sleeves
rolled up and help us. 

If synchronizing with Dr. Kelley's efforts mean that we are working
for Glassberg, then I intend to go back on my word also. It seems to
be the soup of the day. 

Actually if you want passive efforts Glassbereg has room for a few

Your friend,


Bob Parcelles, Jr
Pinellas Park, FL
RJP Associates & Clean Millennium Movement (C2M)
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