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> Even being not leps I'll shall risk s few arguments:
> the scare of overpopulation has prompted some action to curb down ...
> population growth,  in an unatural way, without caring to foresee the
> consequences of it; in part because it has become a way of life for many
> peoiple in organizations like Planned Parenthood, etc; - for instance,
> contraceptives are one of the hottest selling in the pharmaceutical
> industry, wich is itself second only to arms sales, drug traffic and
> pornography... so, too many interests involved here.
> The real trouble is that population... is not the trouble ( a La Palice
> truth), but poverty. And, in spite of being an agravant factor both
> combined, it still is better to bet on population, as the best asset of
> given country is an educated population. Many places in the world densely
> populated have a sucsess story (The Netherlans, Hong Kong). The solution
> not to eradicate the poor, but to fight corruption and poverty. Countries
> like China and India are the next economic powers just because of the
> size of it's population... very big markets, even if only in the future;
> India's middle class already is bigger than the total of brasilian
> population, even if only a mere 13% of the total population!
> Why needed Europe , Japan ot the US to pledge domestic birth control? -
> were never overpopulated! - Now who will pay the tax for keeping an
> population of over 30%?? - The US are still lucky because many people
> wants (for how long?) to imigrate there; if it was only depending on birth
> rate the country would be fading away in the near future.
> The only explanation is human selfishness combined with "good" excuses
> propelled by the "courb down industry".
> Peter Druker has been crying out for the last decade that children will be
> the most sought after asset in the near future.
> Best wishes
> Jorge (now, over 40 and still.. getting older...)
> Curitiba, Brasil
> P.S - I guess that Mr. Ariel Sharon's only nightmare is the palestine
> rate (as the israeli jews also don't have babies anymore, a situation
> by most women in the Old Testament times...). That is probably the only
> "powerfull arab bomb".
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> Subject: population explosion scare implodes
> > Before you go on, I apologize but this is not related to leps, but
> > humans. I read this article and found it rather interesting.... and
> > relates to some threads of recent... I admit I don't have the time to
> > all threads, so I'm not sure what was said, but I know people were
> > about human overpopulation.
> >


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