guidebook suggestions?

Xi Wang xiwang at
Fri Aug 9 22:38:02 EDT 2002

Hi Bill,

Unfortunately, I don't think such a guide exists.  Field guides are
designed to contain only basic taxonomic information as its main purpose is
simply to pin a name onto an organism in the field, preferably quickly.
And a book containing a lot of taxonomy would be a burden to carry, and
hence would make a poor field guide.  I suggest getting a field guide as
well as a more comprehensive book on lepidoptera which will complement the
guide.  All the field guides out there are pretty much the same, so getting
any will do the job.

Xi Wang

williamd wrote:

> I am new to the hobby and would like to get one or more good guidebooks
> to help me id the species I see, and so that I might learn something of
> their taxonomy. The only one I see locally is the Natl Audubon guide. I
> have been into birding for a few years and have found I do not care for
> this guide. I find all the flipping back and forth confusing. Plus, it
> seems to place more value on which species look alike, whereas I'm more
> interested in learning to id them by Family, etc. I'm guessing the same
> might apply to a bufferfly & moth guide.
> Any comments on the guides those of this group use, and or suggestions
> of which might be right for me would be most welcome.
> bill
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> williamd at


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