[leps-talk] Re: Big Oil, Chemical & Farm Machinery companies providesuperb Monarch Butterfly Breeding Habitat

Paul Cherubini monarch at saber.net
Mon Aug 12 08:42:18 EDT 2002

Bill Yule wrote:

> So if I understand your main point Monarchs are butterflies that have
> adapted to a hostplant that has adapted to open disturbed soil.  And from
> this point, if I understand the implicit suggestion written between the
> lines of your post, I'm supposed to jump up and cheer for the chemical
> laden, single crop, Government-sponsored corporate welfare, big machinery
> dependent agri-business of growing corn to feed cows and soybeans to 
> feed to pigs for the government welfare beef/pork  industries?  

My point is to let people know where the masses of migrating 
monarchs come from that appear each Sept / Oct. in the 
midwestern states and at the overwintering sites in Mexico.

Most fall migrating monarchs do not come from tracts of land set 
aside as nature preserves. They come from the vast corn and 
soybean crop monocultures found in the upper midwest which are 
created and maintained with the products produced by big oil, 
chemical, biotech and farm machinery companies.

Paul Cherubini


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