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Dr. James Adams jadams at
Fri Aug 16 13:28:01 EDT 2002

Hey everyone,

         Alright, you guys.  For those of you who are not currently members 
of the Southern Lep Soc but would like to present a paper, we'd be happy to 
have you.  For anyone who is a member, and has complained (and even if you 
haven't) that the SLS seems to be just a few of the same guys doing stuff 
year after year, here's your chance.  I sent out one request earlier and 
I'm doing it again.  The meeting this year is in Gainesville, FL, the 
weekend of  September 20 - 22, 2002.  I still need presenters!!  Please 
send your titles and abstracts to me soon!!  THanks!

         Sorry to sound a bit pushy, but, hey, I guess you need to be 


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