[leps-talk] Rocky Mountain High - Part 8

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Sun Aug 18 01:07:39 EDT 2002

Martin Bailey shared the following with me in a private conversation
regarding my recent experience on Ute Mountain.  I'm copying the lists here
with a partial response for clarification.

> It would be my impression from what you wrote that you were being escorted
> out because you were not in a vehicle suitable for the road conditions.

I'm sure the escort was on account of the unsuitability of my vehicle -
especially in light of the 5 MPH spare tire and my obvious cluelessness };>)

The asking to leave, on the other hand, was strictly based on a lack of
permission.  As I said, George turned out to be a real gem.  His helpfulness
was much appreciated.  But I was not supposed to be there, and he saw to it
that I wasn't.



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