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  For anyone interested in further cluttering their Inbox with Lep related 
emails may want to subscribe to the new NorWestLeps chat list through Yahoo. 
See the synopsis below...

You can subscribe by sending a message to:
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>Welcome to Northwest Leps!  Northwest Leps is a list for the >discussion of 
>wild butterflies and moths in Northern California, >Oregon,and Washington.
>Field reports, notices of upcoming trips, gleanings from the >literature, 
>and identification help are all welcome subjects for the
>list, and beginners and experts are all welcome.
>Conservation issues specifically pertaining to butterflies and moths >are 
>also OK.
>The collecting/anti-collecting debate is not allowed, nor are posts of 
> >images or other binary files (use the Photos section.)
>The boundary between Northern and Southern California is left  
> >intentionally vague, but please see the SoWestLep list for real
>southern California discussion.

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