Total Novice Covets Polyphemus

Xi Wang xiwang at
Thu Aug 22 00:21:10 EDT 2002

Hi Duane,
Actually, what you have is not a polyphemus, but a promethea moth.
Notice the eye spot near the tip of the wings in your photo, which is not
present in polyphemus.  As for your queries, yes, silkmoths are actually
one of the easiest and most enjoyable to raise in my opinion.  I'm not
sure if now would be a good time to raise them since I don't know what the
weather is like at your locality, but it probably wouldn't be a good
idea.  Since winter is fast approaching, any eggs you obtain now would
likely run out of food during the middle of their development...unless
you've a greenhouse.  It would be best to acquire the eggs in the spring,
i.e. May-June.  Here's are some nice sources for info/supplies:
Hope I have been of some assistance.

Xi Wang

Duane wrote:

> Greetings, all.
> I was fortunate enough to happen across this little fellow while I was
> leaving my apartment last week...
> I'm not sure what sort of moth he is, but seeing him has really filled
> me with the urge to dabble in raising moths.  I live in Maryland, so I
> checked around to see what sorts of moths are "local".  It would
> appear that the Polyphemus is onoe of Maryland's moths...
> I have a few questions, and I hope that the veterans of the group will
> indulge me.
> [1] Is it reasonable for a novice to expect to be able to raise
> Polyphemus?  If not, would I have an easier (and thus more enjoyable)
> time starting off with an "easier" variety?
> [2] Can Polyphemus be raised in August and September?  I'd be raising
> them indoors.
> [3] I haven't had any luck finding a source online for eggs or
> livestock.  Might someone be able to point me in the right direction?
> Thank you in advance for your consideration.
> Regards,
> Duane Roelands


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