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Thu Aug 22 13:58:12 EDT 2002

Stanley A. Gorodenski wrote:

> I don't recall having seen the original message that prompted this
> response. In the last few days, has there been any Leps-L messages
> besides this one? My internet provider recently installed software to
> screen SPAM and there is always the danger it will bar legitimate
> messages. I need to know if this is happening.
> Thanks for any responses to let me know.
> Stan


Leps-L is , as you probably know gated to the usenet newsgroup (SBEL). For many years I picked up both and 
posted to which ever was the most convenient. For a while I changed 
software and did leps-l only. Recently I have changed back to receiving 
both. I think there is a problem with the gating system. I noticed a set of 
SBEL postings that had problems a few days ago. You may have seen my reply 
to Jay Linn but not the other two messages in the thread. all done via 
SBEL. Anyway I have contacted the leps-l list owner about the suspected 
I am also sending this via SBEL so I can analyse more data to find out 
extra details of the problem and see if I can confirm my theory.

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