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         I've finally updated the Georgia Lepidoptera website for the 
second time this year, mostly with live shots this time, with about 25 more 
noctuids (including a smattering of hypenines, catocalines, acronictines, 
apameines), a bunch of new geometrids, one or two new lasios, sphingids, 
saturniids, and notos, and, thanks to a generous donation by John Glaser, I 
have added about 30+ pyralids to the site as well.  I'm back on campus full 
time for the fall, so I should be able to add some more in the not too 
distant future.  Check out the live shots of the noctuid Hypsoropha monilis 
(not very far down the noctuid list, in the Calpinae).  I've always thought 
this was a subtlely beautiful moth -- I think the pictures really do show this!


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