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Laura R. Nagy Laura.R.Nagy at Dartmouth.EDU
Wed Jan 2 12:12:53 EST 2002

Hello all,

I am currently putting together a grant to look at the synchrony of the timing of breeding in birds and lepidoptera.  I currently have access to a large collection of bird data, but I lack the information that I need on the lepidopteran larvae.  I am looking for longer term data sets (> 5 years) that include one or more of the following:  1) egg hatch, 2) transition between instars, 3) presence of adults.  If you have a dataset that you would be willing to share or know of someone who I can contact, I would greatly appreciate it.  

Many thanks in advance.


Laura R. Nagy
Department of Biological Sciences
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

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