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Wed Jan 2 15:19:49 EST 2002

A very well known publisher is searching for photos, slides or jpegs of 
the following lepidoptera. They will be used in an educational
publication and you will naturally be paid for one time use of your 
submittals. You can contact me for any other information that you may 
desire or you contact Dietrich Gehring at duvel at and work 
with him directly.
Rick. Mikula

Need images of adults for the following;
Agrias narcissus - Narcissus -
Sasakia  charonda - Japanese Emperor
Terinos terpander - Royal Assyrian
Amathuxidia amythaon -Koh-I-Noor -
Anteos chlorinde - Ghost Brimstone -
Appias lyncida - Chocolate Albatross-
Orinthoptera alexandrae - Queen Alexandra Birdwing
Brephidium exilis - Pygmy Blue
Papilio antimachus - African Giant Swallowtail
Parides coon - Common Clubtail -
Tithorea taracina -Taracina –
Zerynthia rumina - Spanish Festoon –

Also looking for images of  caterpillars, chrysalis, and eggs for;

Colobura dirce  - Mosaic - -
Diaethia clymena - 88 -
Eueides isabella - Isabella -
Euploea mulciber - Blue Crow
Feniseca targuiius - Harvester -
Graphium sarpedon - Blue Triangle -
Heliconia melpomene - Postman -
Hypolimnas bolina - Great Egg Fly
Idea leuconoe - Large Tree Nymph -
Marpesia petreus - Ruddy Dagger Wing-
Morpho laertes -Mother of  Pearl -
Morpho rhetenor - Blue Morpho -
Nymphalis polychloros - Large Tortoiseshell -
Pachliopta aristolochiae - Common Rose -
Papilio palinurus- Banded Peacock - intense green
Papilio polytes - Common Mormon -
Paradis arcas - Cattleheart  -
Parnassius Apollo - Apollo -
Parthenos sylvia - Clipper -
Trodies brookiana - Rajah Brooke's Birdwing
Zerne eurydice - Dog-face -


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