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Neil Jones Neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk
Fri Jan 4 12:34:57 EST 2002

The Reverend Ron Gatrelle wrote:
> Finally an admission from the environmental left that the whole endangered
> species thing is a scam, a sham, a ploy.  Since all the butterfly
> "endangereds" are subspecies this admission tells us that since they have
> no "scientific significance" they are but artificial constructs of the
> environmental left fallaciously put upon the American people as
> "scientific" so they can be used as a "tool"  (manipulation) to further
> their environmental whacko agenda to construct laws against people and jobs
> in favor of flies and roaches.  Then there is the subliminal slip that the
> whole movement is really only based on "funding" (money) in the  pockets of
> the environmental elite.

Down boy! There's a good dogma!

This is pure "wise use" anti-conservation rubbish. Preservation of a good 
healthy environment for people to live in is a prerequisite 
to a happy life. You know, some people actually like to go out into a good
environment to study wildlife. It makes them happy. :-)

It seems that you have a great deal of difficulty in distinguishing opinion 
from fact. As a result you are allowing your emotions to run away with you. 
What on earth are you doing describing subspecies if you think they are 
worthless? Wow are you confused! I wouldn't agree with everything Professor
Ehrlich says either but I would try to base my opinion not on what I get from 
cheap radio and tv shows shows but on proper scientific examination of the 
facts. I am not an animal rights activist but a _conservationist_ the two 
things are _very_ different.

To me a lepidopterist promoting this kind of thing that will ultimately
prevent lepidopterists from studying leidoptera is rather like a turkey
clamouring for an early thanksgiving.

> Now someone tell me why what I just said should not be expected to be aired
> on Rush or put forth in the case of Big Industry vs. Endangered Bug after
> they read Ehrlich's statements?  

I think it is a little too intellectual for Rush Limbaugh. Perhaps you could 
try Hustler Magazine? :-)

Ever since the Reverend Gatrelle has joined this list we have had an increase
in the bad feeling. We have had attacks on butterfly watchers, African 
Americans used as a sterotype for ignorance, silly definitions of "taxonomic 
correctness" ,defence of nutty criminal behaviour, and  militia style 
political statments against government and conservation of habitats. It seems
that we have on our hands a silly old troll who just likes to pick fights.

As someone else once said "Praise the lord and pass the ammunition".

Ron, You may feel the need to attract attention to yourself. However
placing yourself on the political landscape on the far right with 
Gengis Khan and Attilla the Hun off to the left as minute dots on
the horizon is not particularly endearing.

It is worth pointing out that the position you pose yourself is in reality a 
left wing revolutionary one having moved around the political circle to the
point where it is indistinguishable from that of the British  Revolutionary
Communist Party. (Limbaugh Marxism)

I do wonder what the leaders of your church would think if they knew
that they had as one of their pastors a guy who would pose as a "butterfly 
bircher" in order to start the internet equivalent of bar fights.  Perhaps 
they would not care, but I can certainly see why you left the Quakers! 
Starting fights is hardly compatible with the commandment to "love one 
another". Your postion isn't very christian. Christ drove the money changers 
out of the temple, but you would inscribe their title deed on the alter cloth!

Perhaps it is as I said that you are in reality an animal rights "whacco" who 
is here just to portray butterfly collectors in the worst possible light, for 
that is what you are doing. You sound like the honorary chaplin of the sahara 
club! (An organisation that believes in the use of violent tactics against 
nature lovers.)

Come on Ron _wise_up_ a little. Think a bit more before you start using your
computer as a pulpit to preach this stuff.  If you did we all might get on a 
little better.
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