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Sun Jan 6 10:05:06 EST 2002

I have a lepidopterists question (other than what he say or she say, I use
the delete method of checking unwanted mail).  From; Winter W.D. 2000. Basic
Techniques for Observing and Studying Moths and Butterflies. The
Lepidopterists' Society Memoir No. 5 and currently on Chapter 8 storing
specimens (pp239).  Once again they discuss the pickle fork and using it for
folding the wings behind the back for storage in the envelopes.  My
questions are this, " does the pickle fork go into the envelope or removed
before it is placed into the envelope?  Does the pickle fork start by going
over the thorax and up the wing or how does one use it?  Finally, would one
use the pickle fork with live butterflies or only dead ones?"  I am in the
middle of the book but at this point I don't expect to see exactly details
on how this tool is used.   Thanks to all of those that respond!!

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