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         Just wanted to let you know that the Southern Lepidopterists' 
Society's website is now up and running.  The area covered by the Southern 
Lep. Soc. includes from Virginia through the Gulf States to Texas, 
including Tennessee and Arkansas.  Considering that the Appalachians in the 
east include some significant northern influences, Florida includes some 
significant Caribbean influences, and Texas includes some significant 
Mexican and western U.S. (Arizona, New Mexico) influences, membership in 
the society should be of interest to a significant portion of those people 
in the U.S., and even some outside the U.S.  The website can be reached at
         Highlights of the site include a UFO page, where you can post your 
images for identification.  We will take submissions from anywhere, and, 
with a number of members who have some significant expertise in the fauna 
of a large portion of the U.S., you will likely be able to get at least an 
educated guess at the identity of your unknowns.  We would prefer 
electronic image submissions (jpeg), but can even deal with through the 
mail submissions of photos and slides (though turn around time will be 
significantly longer).  You can also submit sight/specimen records to 
people in the states covered by the society (though unusual records would 
require at least a sharp photo, if not a specimen).  Submissions of 
articles for inclusion on the website or in the newsletter can also be made 
directly from the website.
         We encourage y'all to visit.  We hope you like the site,  and 
encourage you to use the interactive submissions features.
         Thanks go out to Dave Morgan, who is our webmaster and obviously 
instrumental in getting the site up and running!

James K. Adams, Chairman 2002
     Southern Lepidopterists' Society
Phone: (706)272-4427
FAX:  (706)272-2235
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