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John Calhoun John.Calhoun at
Mon Jan 7 10:06:01 EST 2002

In case you missed it in your local newspaper on CNN, the US Fish and
Wildlife Service has issued an announcement for a 12 month public comment
period on the listing of the Miami Blue, Cyclargus (Hemiargus) thomasi
bethunebakeri, as federally endangered.  You can read the actual USFWS pdf
document at the following web address:
d=02-36-filed.pdf   At the current time, the USFWS has declined to issue
emergency endangered status as originally petitioned and has wisely decided
to request additional information from the public. If you have any
information that may be helpful, please contact the USFWS during this
comment period. More detailed information can be found in the paper by John
Calhoun, Jeffrey Slotten and Mark Salvato entitled "The Rise and Fall of
Tropical Blues in Florida: Cyclargus ammon and Cyclargus thomasi
bethunbakeri" appearing soon in the journal Holarctic Lepidoptera (referred
to as "Calhoun et al." in the USFWS announcement).

John Calhoun


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