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Mark Walker MWalker at
Mon Jan 7 11:37:22 EST 2002

Michael posted:

> But I wonder why it "stinks even worse....".
> Considering the frequency with which environmental 
> consultants hired by
> developers MISS important species when they are present, it 
> wouldn't have seemed
> Draconian at all to seek some independent validation.  Sloppy 
> and unorthodox,
> maybe?

I'm certainly not arguing that such alleged activities (speaking of the
misrepresentation of data on behalf of developers, etc.) are to be embraced
or tolerated, but rather that the idea of field biologists spending their
time figuring out ways to "catch them in the act", which would include the
generation of bogus data themselves, 'stinks even worse'.  Not draconian,
perhaps, but certainly unethical.  But to put everything back into
perspective, the far more distasteful motive would be for the alleged
purpose of creating habitat restrictions based on false information.  I
don't pay my state and federal employees (yes, they are MY employees, and
they work for ME) to lie in any case, and misrepresentation should be
illegal on either side of the issue.

Mark Walker.
Oceanside, CA



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