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Mark Walker MWalker at
Mon Jan 7 12:30:34 EST 2002

Neil wrote:

<more snippage>

 but rather someone who makes a provocative posting to a 
> newsgroup intended to produce responses.

Hmmmm.  I thought that's what a newsgroup was all about.  One thing's for
sure - this group has got more than it's share of trolls.  You're all
trolls, all of you - and I dare you to provoke me with an email response of
your own!

Actually, if we're going to label ourselves, can't we be Hobbits?  Trolls,
Wargs, Orcs - a bit distasteful, the whole lot of them.  As far as Anne's
advice to see the film - well, my son and I are on a quest to reread the
books before we head for the theatre.  I'm presently somewhere in the hills
of Rohan, having left the Great River in pursuit of enemies and the friends
they've captured.

Mark Walker
still wearing this confounded neck brace in Oceanside, CA



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