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Mon Jan 7 19:22:37 EST 2002

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 > Gentlemen and others:
 > The only mention of butterflies in Middle Earth were in the great
 > forest of Mirkwood.
 > After reading all the "Neil" post activity, Middle Earth sounds more
 >  pleasent, even if there are Warg's, Orc's, the cruel Harradrin and
 >  the Dark Lord in the land!
 > Cheers,
 > Leroy C. Koehn Georgetown, KY (A long way from Gondor in Middle
 > Earth)

I was told long ago that my husband and I are hobbits, and I think that
may be correct. Short, affectionate, fond of meals (second breakfast is
the most important meal of the day), with a habit of giving gifts
without provocation ... no fur on our feet, though.
One among us says there's a moth in the movie. Come to think of it, I
remember that. Somebody want to identify it? You'll see it during the
bit where Gandalf is trapped up on that tower.

I was entranced and in love with the Middle Earth of the hobbits, let
alone the charms of Elfland. I haven't been so enchanted by a movie
since Pinocchio, and that was some time ago.

but ... to leave that house and go hunting for pain and suffering, even 
to save the world ... that perfect world, that joyous flower-filled 
community ... what a wrench that would be.
It's strong stuff, and beside it, Harry Potter looks pretty silly. Kid 

Terry Pratchett's trolls are more interesting than Potter's. They've 
evolved with remarkable rapidity, and with modern technology have 
overcome that little problem of turning to stone when the sun hits them. 
He has some nice butterflies, too.

Today was a gray day with the wind whipping the trees about, except when 
it was a bright blue-sky day, still with the wind already. I did not go 
out looking for butterflies as I know well that they are sitting with 
their legs wrapped around something solid, hanging on tight.
There aren't even any warblers, for goodness sake.
Not that I'm complaining, for plenty of starving children in Armenia 
would be glad of this nice day. (I bet that dates me; my generation in 
America ate disgusting carrots in honor of Armenian children; my 
children turned up their noses on behalf of African children -- I'll 
gladly mail them mine, David said scornfully ...)
we do need more actual bugs on this list. What's the butterfly you most 
want to see, and you may make up a party to go see it with you. Time 
travel is permitted when necessary.
Anne Kilmer
South Florida


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