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Jeff Crolla jeff at
Mon Jan 7 20:51:54 EST 2002

Anne Kilmer wrote:
> One among us says there's a moth in the movie. Come to think of it, I
> remember that. Somebody want to identify it? You'll see it during the
> bit where Gandalf is trapped up on that tower.

My thought at the time (based on the head-on shot of the live moth while
Gandalf was holding it in his hand) was that it  looked like an Automeris
sp.(Saturniidae). Since the movie was shot in NZ though maybe it was
something similar from "down under". I don't think it had the large hindwing
eyespots while flying and recall it being just a uniform greeny-grey, but
the flight sequence was computer animated so may not be that reliable and
probably includes some artistic license.
I was quite charmed by the inclusion of a moth though, especially since
given the way these things often go in movies (ie. hawks that start out as a
red-tailed, then in the next shot are a turkey vulture, and in the next a
golden eagle etc.) at first I was sure that, despite flying at night, it was
going to turn out to be a butterfly!

Jeff Crolla


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