Key West leps next week?

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Tue Jan 8 10:54:03 EST 2002

If so inclined, there is camping in the Everglades, on Long Pine Key. 
I did much work in there with Bartram's Hairstreak and Florida 
Leafwing. Mosquitos can be fierce, though.  Down in the Keys you 
might try Bahia Honda State Park.  Never stayed but it looked like 
nice camping facilities and is just a step away from Big Pine Key 
after crossing the 7-mile bridge.  Nice small stretch of tropical 
beach with palm trees, too (c'mon, I'm desperate here in Or-ee-gone!) 
The Key Deer Refuge on Big Pine can be a great spot to photograph. 
Try Watson's Hammock and the Blue Hole area.  I also had some luck in 
the salt marsh areas on the south end of the island, different 
species.  Don't know about the time of year but there is stuff year 
round.  The little Key Deer are really cool if you've never seen one.
Good luck,  Rich

>Next week on Wednesday Roger Rittmaster and I plan on flying down to 
>Miami, Fla. and have Wednesday afternoon, all day Thursday and most 
>of the day free on Friday to look for butterflies and photograph 
>them, so a trip to the Keys seems in order. Of course its probably 
>not the best time of year but the offer couldn`t be passed up 
>anyway. Anyone know of any good places to stay or camp in or on the 
>way to the keys?
>My November trip to southern Fla. was pretty good but I missed a lot 
>of the extreme southern local species. My 5 day road trip report 
>from that trip can be found at 
> with lots of 
>Randy Emmitt
>Rougemont, NC
>cell 919 641 2311 (works well in Fla. too.)
>Randy Emmitt Photography
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