Lord of the rings was Use the delete button:) - I probably should

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I've read none of the books but have seen the movie.  Both of my older kids
(31 & 34) have seen the movie (twice).  They both own the books and have
read them several times starting in High School.  They both liked the
movie - a lot.  I went with my son.  Afterwards he had a number of remarks.
The one that sticks in my mind the most is that this is a three hour movie
as it is, and it is still "short" if one were to try to get in all that is
in the one book - Fellowship of the Ring.  A great many of the folks who
will go see this will have never read the book(s) and are just your
go-see-it-all-sci-fi-buffs (like me).   Hopefully, they will want to "read
the book" which often happens in these situations.  Actually, the Hobbits
were small to me - you don't notice this at first because everyone in the
opening part are all Hobbits -- till the wizard comes in and towers over

One last thing.  My daughter has her MS in education and is an elementary
school teacher (currently on leave to raise a young child).  My son' degree
is in Literature and is a published poet (been paid $100 hour to read his
verse at Spoleto, he has also done tiny bits in two movies etc.)  So both
of them are knowledgeable of the books, the arts, and the audience.  On a
scale of 1 to 10 I'd say they rate it an 8.  Me?  I'm just waiting for the
next Terminator, Matrix, Star Wars, & Rocky movies to come out.


PS  That's Rocky and Bullwinkle by the way -- those proud grads of
Whatsamatta U
of which some a U must be gradutated of too.

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> Anne wrote about Stan writing about me writing:
> Well, anyway - thanks for the thought, Anne.  Actually, it's been years
> since I last read the Trilogy, and my son has actually never read it for
> himself.  I read the books to him out loud as a small child, and he read
> Hobbit himself a few years ago (he's 15 now).  The choice to reread the
> books was based on my desire for him NOT to avoid the book on account of
> already seeing the film.  Doing this together made it fun. I am about six
> chapters ahead of him, so he's chasing me - though he will probably
> me, given his reading ability over mine (and that was the general idea,
> after all).
> As for furry feet - well, I must admit that I have long cherished my own
> imaginings of Middle Earth, and will probably be disappointed about a
> of things (lack of furry feet probably being one of them).  On the other
> hand, I've been enjoying how familiar the previews have been, having just
> read through "The Fellowship of the Rings".  Actually, I was a long time
> disciple of Hollywood, having spent many adolescent years playing with
> and aspiring to be a director, but now find myself disenchanted with most
> what Hollywood is spewing.  This is a film, however, I am sure I will
> - poor depiction of Hobbits and all.
> As far as leps - well, I'm as sick as they come.  I can't fly over
> countryside without getting lost in the thought of exploring it with my
> I can't watch TV commercials depicting natural habitat without thinking
> butterflies.  The concept of lepping in Middle Earth?  It takes the genre
> "Fantasy" to a whole new level.  I can see myself as some sort of Tom
> Bombadil, prancing about the countryside and doing the "Misty Mountain
> Mark.
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