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Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Tue Jan 8 13:40:34 EST 2002

Anne wrote about Stan writing about me writing:

Well, anyway - thanks for the thought, Anne.  Actually, it's been years
since I last read the Trilogy, and my son has actually never read it for
himself.  I read the books to him out loud as a small child, and he read The
Hobbit himself a few years ago (he's 15 now).  The choice to reread the
books was based on my desire for him NOT to avoid the book on account of
already seeing the film.  Doing this together made it fun. I am about six
chapters ahead of him, so he's chasing me - though he will probably overtake
me, given his reading ability over mine (and that was the general idea,
after all).

As for furry feet - well, I must admit that I have long cherished my own
imaginings of Middle Earth, and will probably be disappointed about a number
of things (lack of furry feet probably being one of them).  On the other
hand, I've been enjoying how familiar the previews have been, having just
read through "The Fellowship of the Rings".  Actually, I was a long time
disciple of Hollywood, having spent many adolescent years playing with 8mm
and aspiring to be a director, but now find myself disenchanted with most of
what Hollywood is spewing.  This is a film, however, I am sure I will enjoy
- poor depiction of Hobbits and all.

As far as leps - well, I'm as sick as they come.  I can't fly over
countryside without getting lost in the thought of exploring it with my net.
I can't watch TV commercials depicting natural habitat without thinking of
butterflies.  The concept of lepping in Middle Earth?  It takes the genre of
"Fantasy" to a whole new level.  I can see myself as some sort of Tom
Bombadil, prancing about the countryside and doing the "Misty Mountain Hop".




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