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Hi, Charley:

You're doing exactly what I do; I change the vapona 2X each year.

Jim Taylor
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> Hi,
> I joined this list in order to learn more about leps and the various
> techniques of working with them. I feel that many of the recent posts have
> been off track. I do not care for sarcastic responses/flames and use the
> delete key on any that appear. I have a basic question that I believe
> within the parameters of what the list was meant to do.
> Though I do not have a current problem, I would like to know what, in your
> experience, is the best way to prevent Dermestid beetles from getting into
> a collection and of killing any that may have gotten into a box. My
> practice has been 3 days in the freezer if I discover a problem, also 3
> days in the freezer for anyone else's specimens that come my way. I have
> been using a 1 cm square of vapona in a corner of a specimen box as a
> deterent. Am I doing the right things? Can any of you recommend other, or
> better, methods?
> Charley
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